Hello there!

You may have noticed some changes around my blog, and I’m excited to share them with you today! Firstly, I’ve purchased a domain for this little ‘ole blog, and from now on you can find it at This name idea first came from a good friend of mine who happens to say this phrase a lot. If you’ve met me in real life, you know I have a tendency to want to say “Oh hey girl, hey heeeeey”…this is a continuation of that.

The other changes are mostly aesthetic, and in part were designed to create a little continuity between this blog and my brand new fancy official website as a freelance designer. I’m still working on building this site out, and there are about a million projects I want to add to “recent work”, but part of the fun of keeping this site is that it’s a work in progress!

Some of the updates:


Part of these redesigns have been to test, learn and prove myself on basic website design. I am starting to offer this to clients, and the more I practice for myself, the better services I am able to provide! So you might just keep seeing things change around here- and please let me know if anything starts to look wonky.

Have a great day!

(Oh yeah, and I’ve added a new signature)


2 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Changes look great, E.May! I’m actually working on building a website of my own out too!
    ps. You’ve inspired me….I’m slowing inching toward my sewing machine to start making some changes. And those polka dot jeans are to die for!

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