Manic Monday

Last week went by in a flash. It certainly didn’t help that I got very sick part way through and was basically out of commission. Looking to make up some ground this week in productivity starting with today’s Manic Monday!

This is an entirely gratuitous picture I’m posting because I look good and this might be my new favorite color.

Today’s links and internet things:

  • Lately I’ve really been thinking about how I tend to sit all day long. This post from Mark’s Daily Apple has me thinking I should try out a standing desk. ..and also impressed with the reference to my favorite sci fi novel in that first paragraph.
  • I’ve heard about $0 days before, but I really liked this post talking about it’s long-term benefits. Do you keep track of your daily spending habits?
  • On Sunday I used this map provided by the City of Portland to plan a bike ride through North Portland. Lovely. I definitely recommend #6 while the leaves are so brightly colored.
  • My absolute favorite pro bloggers and married/parenting role models is celebrating their fifth blogaversary. I loved this peek into their daily lives, especially as pro bloggers with a toddler!

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