Freelance Fears

One thing about freelancing that no one really tells you is the fear that surfaces every so often. Fear that you won’t have a new job around the corner, fear of a creative block, and most recently, I’ve come to face my fear of being out there completely alone.

This drawing was made under a Nyquil-induced stupor, in a more dramatic mood than I normally admit to.

Last week I became unexpectedly very sick. It was just a stomach flu, and I’m better now…but last week I was a wreck. I was in no place to function an electric blanket, let alone my laptop. My brain was working on such a basic level that the idea of creative or strategic work was entirely beyond me.

And I was afraid. When you freelance, you have no sick days. You have no one who “fills in” at the office. So what pulls you through?

My happy place: where community, clients and communication meet.

I’ve discovered, from my experience last week, that I have the perfect trifecta. When I was sick, I have to say I was very lucky to have clients that understood, a community of friends and family to support and care for me, and the ability to communicate freely and often with both. This is about the millionth experience that has reinforced my love for what I do and who I work with. I am incredibly lucky.

When you set out on your own, you make the rules. You can find yourself working with incredibly caring, wonderful people. And together, you can make great things.

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