Manic Monday

Happy Monday, dear friends!

This weekend was a bit of a doozy. I moved! And worked! Which meant that when I was finished physically exhausting myself with moving, I switched gears to the intellectual exhaustion of work, and back and forth until I basically collapsed into a sleepy pile of Erin on Sunday night.

But my new house? I. Love. It. Having moved now three  times (!!!) in the last year and a half, I can safely say I won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. I’m going to settle in.

Just a little preview of all the fun to be had in this new, absolutely enormous space! Anyway, this week’s links include quite a few house/moving/project related urls as a result of the recent move. Enjoy!

  • That mantel above my fireplace needs a cozy family portrait- and what better or more affordable way than this example from A Beautiful Mess: An engineering print!
  • I spent last week painting, so of course now I have the bug. I’m seriously thinking on how to make a cuter area rug by painting it.
  • With all the extra space, my crafting corner has gotten a lot bigger- I think hand made stamps might be soon on my horizon!
  •  What a clever way to invent more clothing storage! Something that I definitely will always need, no matter the size of my home #guiltypleasure.
  • Do you ever buy IKEA fabrics? Sometimes they have the cutest prints, and it always makes me want to make my own sheets and curtains. I especially love this one for an upcoming project.
  • With little time to cook and the weather changing, I’ve made good use of my crock pot. I’m eyeballing this guy for the upcoming week.
  • And speaking of cooking and seasonal ingredients, aren’t these persimmons, pears and apples lovely?

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