Manic Monday

This week, I want to highlight some of those things that make me feel incredibly lucky. Call it the Thanksgiving spirit, but recently I’ve become acutely aware of how good I have it and how much I have to be thankful for- especially after this weekend!

I am thankful for my friends. New friends who invite me out dancing, old friends who bring food and fun to my home for Friendsgiving, and my roomies who help make my house feel very much like a home. You guys are the best.

A few pictures from this weekend:


Fall-inspired flowers | A new coffee table from my grandmother and a Thanksgiving mantle | Cooking turkey | Herbed Butter  | Star Wars figurine yoga class | Sharing with friends

A few links to fill your short work week:

  • Sending out a bunch of invites? This tool (featured on Bridal Blog Once Wed) helps you get your addresses from friends.
  • With my painting projects coming to a close, I’m tempted to try this photo transfer project from Poppytalk.
  • Speaking of projects, these are letters AND pillows. Pretty much everything I love- I’m thinking I’ll need about 20 of them for my room.
  • This video (found via beautiful type) is mesmerizing. I love really good, hand-lettered calligraphy.
  • I decided last week to give Pandora a rest and try out 8tracks for a few days. Here’s one playlist I really enjoyed– I’m a sucker for good cover songs.


4 thoughts on “Manic Monday

    • I feel especially lucky that they all got along so well! There’s nothing more awkward than being that person who goes between all the guests when they aren’t comfortable interacting with each other directly.

      • I nearly had that on my housewarming, but as so few people turned up it didn’t matter in the end 🙂 You should feel very lucky when friends get on – mine are all pretty separate because some of them hate the others 😀

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