My Home.

This last weekend made me especially grateful for my new home. Decorating for dinner, finally getting artwork on the walls, adding in new personal pet projects- the place is really coming together. I want to share a recently finished project: my painted rug!

In this picture, I had just realized that I matched the rug. That’s what spending all night painting it will do for you. 

This was a recent Pinterest find that I decided to try out for myself! I did a little reading around, and figured it couldn’t be too hard. Here was the basic process:

1. First, I designed a couple different options on my computer. I solicited votes, and decided on the version to the right:

2. Then, I hammered my rug to the wall. Following my big painting project, I felt that I had perfected the “project and paint” technique. A stencil or taping would have worked well also. I then started painting, with the help of this handsome guy:

3. …and that was about it! I guess I didn’t really need step-by-step instructions. The materials included house paint in multiple colors, a drop cloth and a few nails, in addition to the projector to use. And just because I love it so much and it looks so great, here’s just one more picture of this rug: 


I’m also loving how that book shelf is coming along! We look smart, right? My new home is great.


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