Horses Horses Horses*

Hello there! I haven’t done an outfit post in a while, so I thought I’d share this dandy new article I purchased this weekend during the insane Black Friday shopping outing I took with my Mom. My new horse shirt!

Ever since I saw this post from A Beautiful Mess where she DIYed her own horse print dress, I’ve been itching to do the same. Then I got lazy, then I got distracted…and well, here we are. When I spotted this guy last weekend on sale, I had to pounce! And since I was with  my admittedly horse-crazed Mom, there wasn’t a lot of resistance to this idea.

This demonstrates how I took the outfit from “day” to “night”, or just from “outside the house” to “inside the house”. I’m not an especially complicated person. 

My favorite part of this outfit are the little details- like the gold buttons matching my gold “D” monogram necklace. Or the way my shoes and slippers both match my belt. It’s little stuff like this that can contribute to an extra-sassy feeling day.

*that’s right, it’s started! The Christmas song references! ‘Tis the Season, as they say!