Manic Monday

This weekend, aside from being sick, was an absolute blast. I had a “mellow” night with my lovelies, caught up with an old friend over roller derby, and hosted a fab Crafternoon with my roomies- which wound up being mostly sitting around, chatting and bouncing ideas off eachother while the boys made snowflakes.

It’s also finally DECEMBER, which means this all happened:


This was my first year of actually putting up honest-to-goodness Christmas lights on a house, with ladder and all. I’m so happy with the results, and even happier when a neighbor came by and introduced himself just to compliment our lights. Success.
This upcoming week is one of those “I was sick last week and did as little as I could get away with, so this week I have to seriously be productive” weeks. That’s a thing, right?
Here are some lovely links I found this last week:
  • I love this home featured on A Beautiful Mess- so bright and cheerful!
  • Though I thoroughly exercised my sweet tooth this weekend during crafternoon, I really need to try these Salted Caramel Brownies from A Cup of Jo.
  • House crashing always looks so fun when Young House Love does it. I love the sunny colors and eclectic decor of this great home!
  • This is a beautiful invoice (and great advice) from Breanna Rose.
  • How amazing is this Parisian flat? I particularly like the little reading fort.
  • I’ve always liked putting out my books and letters as decor- would adding maps like this turn my home from cute to school-like, or would it be just the perfect touch?
  • One of my favorite design blogs features those small details that make user interface just so…nice. It’s all in the Little Big Details!


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