More Music!

Since last week when I posted my old Christmas album from 2011, I’ve been really looking at what I’ve been listening to this past year and thinking about songwriting especially. People are able to think of not only a melody, but also meaningful words and on top of that an emotion you’re conveying, in one catchy tune? How crazy is that!

My younger brother Jackson has always been a very musical person, and seeing him work his way through songs and have these melodies stuck in his head and literally walk around all day with some sort of musical thought running in the back of his brain- it amazes and intimidates me.

With all that in mind, here’s a mix I made for a good friend who will be traveling to Turkey. I’m so excited for her and envious and proud of what she’s doing! She asked some of her friends to give her music for the journey, and I guess these are the songs that I put together. Safe travels, dear friend!


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