Craft Cart

Remember how I hosted a small crafternoon a couple weeks ago? Well part of prepping for that shindig meant pulling out all my craft supplies and seeing what I had to work with! It was kind of a mess, and definitely overwhelming. Luckily, the week before my roomies and I had gone to The ReBuilding Center on Mississippi for another, top-secret project and I had snagged this bad boy:

afterglow (11)

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s right…Craft Cart! (okay so you probably weren’t thinking that. Just go with it.) With its wheels and deep shelves, it’s perfect for storing all my pretty but prone-to-be-messy supplies, and easy to roll out when I need more space. It just needed a little facelift, so I painted it: afterglow (10)

And with the help of some well-placed mason jars, put together this beauty:
afterglow (12)

I’ve used it now for a couple projects, and it’s so handy to have everything out where I can see it! I pretty much have no excuse now for not doing creative things…so let’s get to it, shall we?


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