2012 – thanks for the good times!

Happy Monday to you all- and happy New Year while I’m at it! Today, I’m going to reflect on the last year in blogging and share some of my favorite posts and experience. In this last year, I…

  • embarked on a new adventure career-wise! The outpouring of support following this post was really touching.
  • got my crafting on! Some of my favorite projects were this hipster tank top and my dinosaur planters– both things that make me smile on the daily.
  • shared my favorite things! This was a great exercise in recognizing those special objects I find near and dear- it was so fun, I also did an installment with my mom’s favorite things.
  • wrote an open letter to the guy who used to have my phone number. An update on this one- he’s doing fine! I know because I’ve received phone calls telling him to come by and pick up his freshly-hemmed pants at Nordstrom.
  • started doing fashion posts! This decision felt like I was really putting myself out there, and I’m so thankful for the warm reception! It’s kind of nerve-wracking putting your face on your own blog, you know? Especially when it’s kind of embarrassing.

This has been a pretty huge year for me! I’ve moved twice, started a new career in freelancing, worked my tail off, and learned a lot about myself and what ultimately makes me happy in life. I’ve had good times with friends, grown closer to my family, and in general learned to be a very happy person. Here’s to an equally happy 2013!