New Year, New Business Cards.

Well, it seems that I’ll never fully make it through a pack of business cards before I feel an overwhelming urge to update them with a new design. Here is my latest set:


So why the new design? I thought it reflected my work and personal style more, and I wanted to incorporate my new, more blog-oriented email and URLs on these cards to hopefully I can have them pull double duty! This blog has really grown in the last year, and I want to really embrace it as one aspect of what I do as “work”.

Here’s to actually using all these guys before I feel the need to redo them again!


A Watercolor for your Wednesday



watercolor testing


Lately I’ve been playing with different real-life art supplies. By “real-life”, I mean “not on the computer”. It’s nice to sit and actually do something with my hands. It takes longer, it is harder to make it perfect and it makes a mess of your desk- but it’s a nice way to keep the creative juices flowing. Here’s to more experimentation with artistic forms in the future!


Remember that time I painted for two weeks straight?

Well, this is what I was working on:

USBG Paintings-01


It was honestly one of the biggest logistical challenges I’ve had to face to date in my career- two weeks, six pints of paint, 36 square yards of canvas and plenty of other work to do on top of it all! The resulting paintings appeared at the main event of Portland Cocktail Week, and were a very colorful addition to an amazingly produced event. I have to thank the amazing Shauna Noah of the Jupiter for connecting me with Lush Life productions. Shauna, in addition to being an amazing and hilarious and smart and caring person, has always been a huge advocate of mine and one of my biggest cheerleaders.

See more of these banners over here on my Portfolio!


Manic Monday

Hello! How is your Monday so far? Mine seems to have come too quickly after the great weekend I had. I’ve been working my butt off lately, and after a few big accomplishments with clients (I am so excited to share!) I took a much-needed reprieve in visiting the cabin and getting away from civilization for a night. The weather was a bit too cloudy for any great pictures of the lake, but there was this:


The new bathroom decor in the Camper’s Hideaway is perfect!


This past week also saw a few small home projects, including a very productive trip to IKEA. Here’s a tip for surviving that store: visit on a weekday!

Anyway, here are some links to get your week started. Have a great one!


Winter Blues

My friends, it is COLD in Portland lately. Now, I know that some of you live in places that have a real winter and experience snow and in general have actual complaints about weather, but to this temperate-weather native the coldness of Portland has seeped into my bones.

But! I’m also getting a little tired of  my well-worn wardrobe of sweaters and nondescript, bulky coats. That’s why I’ve taken to wearing my sundresses again, in celebration of the sun breaks we’ve been experiencing in Portland, despite the chill.

Wearing a sundress in the middle of winter

Here are my rules for wearing sundresses in winter:

  1. Don’t really pay attention to fashion rules. I’ve never really believed in banning white after labor day. I’m a big fan of the “Canadian Tuxedo” by pairing my chambray shirt and jeans. And I wear clothing when it is generally thought to be out of season! That brings me to my next point….
  2. Layer. Like a maniac. Put on  your tights. Layer a cute slip or skirt underneath. Put on socks, grab a cardigan and rock a scarf. It might feel summery to wear a sundress, but that won’t make the frigid temperatures any less chilly.
  3. Pair dark and neutral colors with the dress. This will add more of a wintery palette, don’t you think?
  4. Play with texture. Thick wools with thin cotton- comfy and interesting! Stretchy tights with leather boots? Oh yeah.

That’s about it! I really cannot emphasize the bundling up enough- no one wants a little matchstick girl frozen on their stoop, no matter how cute the outfit.

Stay warm, my friends.


P.S. how cute is my stoop? I love my house.

My Latest Bad Habit

Over the holiday, I was officially inducted into the newest of the Davis bad habits- pipe tobacco!


My brothers got me the above box and pipe for my birthday. I love it!


My very first sewing project on my new Singer Featherweight- a pipe pouch! Turned out pretty well, all things considered. 



My beautiful girly zippo. A present for myself. 

Now I know what you’re thinking- how on earth could your family get into such a thing? I have to admit, they all blame me in a small way. You see, when I was working with a local cigar company, I took up the habit of smoking cigars and bringing them around my parent’s place. Somehow, from this simple beginning, the family was hooked.

What I like about smoking a pipe: the old world feeling, the tradition, the flavor. I like that it’s a commitment to sit for a good while and relax. I like that it takes a little work to get good at – and a little knowledge to pack, light, smoke and clean. And I like that it’s something my admittedly quirky family does together.

Here’s to warmer weather and many future nights of blowing smoke rings.