12 months in pictures

Hello there! Inevitably, this time of year brings up an idea of looking back at the last year, and looking forward to the next. I, like everyone around me, have plenty of things I’d like to work on this upcoming year, but first I wanted to reflect back on the prior 12 months. This has been truly one of the most transformative years in my adult life, and I continue to feel lucky and humbled for how great my life is, how fortunate I am for everything I have.

BLOG IN 2012-01

BLOG IN 2012-02

BLOG IN 2012-03

BLOG IN 2012-04

BLOG IN 2012-05

BLOG IN 2012-06

BLOG IN 2012-07

BLOG IN 2012-08

BLOG IN 2012 sept-09

BLOG IN 2012-10

BLOG IN 2012 nov-11

BLOG IN 2012-12

This year hasn’t been easy by any means- in fact, it has been one challenge after another! But with each change has come greater understanding of my world and myself- here’s hoping for another year of growth and happiness.


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