Manic Monday

Happy Happy Monday, everyone!

I have to be honest; I wasn’t really looking forward to this weekend. I had a huge load of work that needed to get done, and I knew I would feel cloistered in my office all weekend while my friends and roommates all had fun together. Letting myself fall into that trap of dreading my work was a mistake, because it meant that I either hated sitting down to my desk, or put off working to have fun and felt 100% guilty the entire time. It’s weekends like this that make me realize I need a slight attitude adjustment: I love my job, and I love the work I do! I’m a lucky girl to be able to do it, and if I find myself needing an hour or more away from my computer to get a little breathing room, I shouldn’t feel guilty taking it.

Whew! That’s a refreshing attitude to start the week off with. Here are some photos of my fun-but-guilt-inducing moments this weekend:


Fried Chicken was had this weekend- in abundance. 


Did I mention we built a bar? Well, Kyle did. I was no help whatsoever. 


I like this guy. 

And here are some fun links to get you through your day! 

  • I’ve probably already written about how much I love the Braid Creative emails, but this one was especially good. There is so much guilt associated with creative work, like you’re “never doing enough”! I love her solution in keeping to a routine. 
  • Can I please live in this little snow-covered village for a winter? Via DesignSponge.
  • Ever wonder what to do with all those empty booze bottles left over from New Year’s Eve? From Bijou Living. (My roommate would love this post- especially the last one, Allyn!!!)
  • This post  from Elsie Blaha Cripe was part of my inspiration to run a mile a day for the month of January- it’s the perfect distance for my current level of fitness, and if I skip a day or two I don’t feel guilty; I just run a few extra miles on my next run.
  • I keep coming back to A Beautiful Mess, because I love all their posts lately! This one had me considering hair extensions (a big deal when you consider yourself a beauty product rookie!), This one is a great look into the weight and impact of those “365” projects people tend to start this time of the year, and This one has me thinking pretty hard about a certain basement room in need of decor/lighting.
  • I have to warn you that this is a very serious post, which left me in tears and feeling inspired by the strength of this individual in continuing on- “A Google Ad Saved my Life”.


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