An Outfit for a Creative Brainstorm Meeting

So at first I accidentally named this post “Brianstorm”, which I kind of love. I just imaging my very ginger very silly friend Brian being a storm around my head with pointy fingers as lightning and it makes me laugh.

Anyway… working from home presents certain wardrobe challenges. Like…how do I work from home in my sweatpants all day and then look cute and creative for a client meeting?

The answer is big comfy sweaters and stretchy jeans. Paired with my go-to booties, and I feel relaxed, comfortable and somewhat like the “Portland Creative” I strive to be.

animated gifs

So here it is in several silly awkward poses.

animated gifs
And here it is with a jacket and cute scarf made by my roomie!

IMG_0820I can’t help feeling pretty silly taking pictures of myself awkwardly in my home. I’ve never been someone who is photogenic in any way let alone with a tripod and my propensity to be awkward when left to my own devices. Oh well! #hatersgonnahate


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