My Latest Bad Habit

Over the holiday, I was officially inducted into the newest of the Davis bad habits- pipe tobacco!


My brothers got me the above box and pipe for my birthday. I love it!


My very first sewing project on my new Singer Featherweight- a pipe pouch! Turned out pretty well, all things considered. 



My beautiful girly zippo. A present for myself. 

Now I know what you’re thinking- how on earth could your family get into such a thing? I have to admit, they all blame me in a small way. You see, when I was working with a local cigar company, I took up the habit of smoking cigars and bringing them around my parent’s place. Somehow, from this simple beginning, the family was hooked.

What I like about smoking a pipe: the old world feeling, the tradition, the flavor. I like that it’s a commitment to sit for a good while and relax. I like that it takes a little work to get good at – and a little knowledge to pack, light, smoke and clean. And I like that it’s something my admittedly quirky family does together.

Here’s to warmer weather and many future nights of blowing smoke rings.