My Latest Bad Habit

Over the holiday, I was officially inducted into the newest of the Davis bad habits- pipe tobacco!


My brothers got me the above box and pipe for my birthday. I love it!


My very first sewing project on my new Singer Featherweight- a pipe pouch! Turned out pretty well, all things considered. 



My beautiful girly zippo. A present for myself. 

Now I know what you’re thinking- how on earth could your family get into such a thing? I have to admit, they all blame me in a small way. You see, when I was working with a local cigar company, I took up the habit of smoking cigars and bringing them around my parent’s place. Somehow, from this simple beginning, the family was hooked.

What I like about smoking a pipe: the old world feeling, the tradition, the flavor. I like that it’s a commitment to sit for a good while and relax. I like that it takes a little work to get good at – and a little knowledge to pack, light, smoke and clean. And I like that it’s something my admittedly quirky family does together.

Here’s to warmer weather and many future nights of blowing smoke rings.


5 thoughts on “My Latest Bad Habit

  1. Your pipe is so beautiful! I’m insanely jealous of it 🙂 I want a pipe, but sadly I don’t actually smoke and so my other half has to hold the fort of smoking like a boss. It’s so much more of a hobby than a habit, plus I love the smell of the aromatics 😀

    • I love the pipe, but I definitely view it more as a hobby! The smell of the different tobacco mixes is definitely soothing in some ways- and absolutely smells better than my stinky old cigars! Now if only our nights here in Portland would warm up a tad so I wouldn’t have to freeze to death in order to enjoy it.

  2. It’s refreshing to see more and more lady pipe smokers. I’ve been smoking my pipes for over 10 years and my wife picked up the hobby with me a few years ago. There are online communities for pipe smokers and collectors as well as local clubs. Yes, they do tend to be over-run with us guys, but there are more ladies entering the community. Good puffin’ and hope you continue to enjoy!

  3. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy it as long as I have, 22 years so far. I too consider it a hobby much like people who consider wine tasting a hobby or those who consider themselves a connoisseur of wines. I like the ritual of the packing, lighting and puffing and I like trying to figure out the flavors, tastes and aromas. I’ve done several reviews of some tobaccos that might point you in the right direction if you are so inclined. Welcome to the club!

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