Remember that time I painted for two weeks straight?

Well, this is what I was working on:

USBG Paintings-01


It was honestly one of the biggest logistical challenges I’ve had to face to date in my career- two weeks, six pints of paint, 36 square yards of canvas and plenty of other work to do on top of it all! The resulting paintings appeared at the main event of Portland Cocktail Week, and were a very colorful addition to an amazingly produced event. I have to thank the amazing Shauna Noah of the Jupiter for connecting me with Lush Life productions. Shauna, in addition to being an amazing and hilarious and smart and caring person, has always been a huge advocate of mine and one of my biggest cheerleaders.

See more of these banners over here on my Portfolio!


6 thoughts on “Remember that time I painted for two weeks straight?

  1. Ermergerd! I made it on to the blog! I realized that I didn’t get to see all of these guys up close during the event and the verdict is…. yep, ErinMayDavis totally rules.

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