Manic Monday

Today I’m feeling especially inspired by fellow bloggers/crafters/DIYers/designers/creative people. I am inspired by:
  • This beautiful quilt for a beautiful baby girl on the way by Elsie Blaha.I’m thinking I would love to make a black and white version for myself!
  • This advice to just start- the situation will never be perfect, the circumstances may always be hard. If we’re waiting for opportunity to come, we might just wait forever. Start today! From Brandi Girl Blog.
  • This inspiration to perfect your craft and expand your mind from IHOD. How do you challenge yourself to grow and be better?
  • This post about letting yourself get over the bad stuff, and getting stuck on the good stuff instead from Oh Joy.
  • This modern take on a “Downton Abbey Worthy Kitchen” from remodelista. How much do I love the sometimes bare, sometimes crazily ornate style of that show?!
  • This resolution to declutter your life from Hip Hop Side Project. I’ve been slowly winnowing away at my belongings as well, but they seem to accumulate pretty quickly.
  • This post on the one thing she wished she had known when she started blogging from the oh-so-talented Nubby Twiglet.
  • This story of one Designer’s path to freelancing from Waterfall Creative. I love a good success story!
  • This picture of hexagon-shaped pillows from How About Orange (because you can never have too many throw pillows, despite what certain roommates might say.)
  • This goofy comic featuring a manic Jon in Garfield Minus Garfield. Honestly one of my favorite comics!
  • This tutorial for turning an orange utility bucket into a gorgeous and useful ottoman from Design Sponge.
  • This collection of vintage inspired eyewear from Making Nice in the Midwest.
Thank you all for sharing your gifts and stories and words with the world! Tonight, I get to spend the evening discussing books with some good friends, and this has made my Monday pretty terrific.

This post powered by caffeine

Lately I’ve been trying to cut back on the things that make me feel like a jittery bundle of nerves, and do more things that tend to calm me down so I can act like a normal person. Coffee is one thing that I’ve definitely had to cut back on, and I have to admit it’s pretty tough. In the last few months, I’ve noticed that I will single handedly drink an entire pot on my own. Then in the afternoon when I start crashing from my morning rush of that black cup of joe, I’ll just have more to power through until bedtime. And on days when I’m running late for work and have to forgo that cup (or two or three) I have a really hard time feeling alert.

Then, in January, I began working out regularly again. I started a simple goal to run a mile a day (and am still keeping with it!). I’ve slowly started adding in more strength training, and find myself having more energy and feeling better in the mornings when I wake up. And I’m drinking less coffee!

One unforeseen consequence is that when I accidentally drink too much coffee, I’m all over the place jittery. And today is one of those days.


Watercolor Wednesday

Today’s watercolor post was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to play around with adding materials that might effect how the wash dries- and for this one, I added a little rock salt. Silly me, I didn’t realize that the salt might just dissolve and then make glittery crystals all over the page, but I kind of like the effect:

Watercolor Wednesday Hey Hey Erin May Watercolor Wednesday Hey Hey Erin May close up

I also have had this idea for the words stuck in my head lately, and wanted to get out a few different typographic representations of “bePRESENT/REPRESENT”.

Have a great and creative Wednesday!


What I’ve been wearing lately….

Honestly, it’s been a lot of this:


But for when I go out in public, I have been dressing more like this…


wrinkled dress layered over a button up shirt and under a cardigan.

Or like this….


Leather jacket with- you guessed it! A sweater layered over a button up.

Or, similarly, like this:

A button top with a sweater and leather jacket for Valentines' Day!

A button top with a sweater and leather jacket for Valentines’ Day!


I guess I’ve been kind of a one-trick-pony lately! All about the layers. And the shameless mugging in front of a mirror. I know you were dying to hear that, so there you go.


Manic Monday

 Hello and Happy Monday! I had an incredibly relaxing weekend, mostly filled with lazing about and reading, spending time with my guy and actually getting a massage. It was glorious.
Now that I’m back and in the swing of things, however, I am ready to start the week at a run- figuratively and literally. I’m getting more serious about training for the Shamrock Run 15k, wrapping up some pretty major projects with work, and letting my creative juices flow with a few projects for around the house. Here’s to a great week! And here are some links for your Monday:
  • How much do I love this redesign of the Hobbit? And wish I had time to make new covers for some of my favorite books?
  • Part of my new sewing hobby includes wanting to make my own clothes- I love Elsie’s fashion sketching tips for beginners.
  • Pretty sure I’m obsessed with finding/making rugs lately, because I can’t stop thinking of using this idea to cover the chilly floor in my office.
  • I’m loving this series from OMHG on how to price as a creative. Here’s Part 1.
  • Yum. Nutella recipes from the talented Joanna Goddard.
  • This recap of Alt Summit 2013 reflects my recent vision board realization that the company of women is important- as friends, coworkers and inspiring creative spirits.
  • Why do I love Marquee Lights so much? I see this as a great basement project.
  • A great thing to keep in mind – Bri and Katie tell us why they love to freelance.
  • Is this pushing the line of “too girly” for curtains, or are curtains by nature a girly thing and I should just start putting pom poms on everything I own? Because you know I will.
  • I keep falling into the busyness trap- I’m too busy busy busy. Sarah gives some good pointers for keeping your sanity while busy– but I’m still aiming for that perfect middle ground- work less, work harder and ultimately get more done.
  • I can be pretty sensitive to noise levels when concentrating at work, and this little big detail blew my mind- adjust the volume in 1/4 increments on OSX!
  • Hey bloggers out there- find your niche! Breanna Rose provides keen insights, as always. (and now I’m wondering about a niche of my own…)
  • It’s so fun to see Elise in her process toward becoming a mother- I love the colors and patterns she’s chosen for this baby quilt.
  • This blog post came to me at an especially timely moment last week- and lifted my spirits! What makes an artist?
  • I’m going to make these biscuits this week, as soon as my sugar high from Valentine’s day levels out.
  • Did I already mention I’m obsessed with light up letters? This seems simple enough, right?
  • I probably spent way too long watching this and laughing. Goats. Yelling. Like humans.
  • A new favorite photo editing tool for the iphone- over it.

And lastly, this pretty much sums up my weekend.


Goofy GIFs for a Very Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some goofy gifs for your day, powered by one of my new favorite apps- Gif Boom! Careful, it’s addicting!

I am…pretty awkward.
…and apparently it runs in the family! Love you, mom!
My parents puppies are so cute.
This little girl is real cute too. I love sharing a home with her!
…and of course, I just love this guy to pieces. Happy Valentine’s Day!