Friday night’s alright for fighting….

So I wanted to name this post something musical, and remembered this song, but after watching it I realized it’s actually called “Saturday night’s alright (for fighting)” and that mislabeling it Friday actually comes from my addiction to Gilmore Girls, as one of the episodes was named after Friday night because those were the days the Gilmores had their family dinners. Whew. And if you followed that, you deserve a little happy music for your Friday:

On Wednesday, I was invited to go see Ellie Goulding at the Crystal Ballroom, and it was a blast. Happy times music.

Also, tonight I get to go to ANOTHER CONCERT, and I’m seeing the Wood Brothers with my family at the Aladdin.

So as you can imagine, I’m listening to a lot of music in the meantime, which is always a great concentration point for my Fridays.

And just because I love this song and the video was filmed about 6 blocks from my house, here is this:

Happy Happy Friday, my friends!