Manic Monday

 Hello and Happy Monday! I had an incredibly relaxing weekend, mostly filled with lazing about and reading, spending time with my guy and actually getting a massage. It was glorious.
Now that I’m back and in the swing of things, however, I am ready to start the week at a run- figuratively and literally. I’m getting more serious about training for the Shamrock Run 15k, wrapping up some pretty major projects with work, and letting my creative juices flow with a few projects for around the house. Here’s to a great week! And here are some links for your Monday:
  • How much do I love this redesign of the Hobbit? And wish I had time to make new covers for some of my favorite books?
  • Part of my new sewing hobby includes wanting to make my own clothes- I love Elsie’s fashion sketching tips for beginners.
  • Pretty sure I’m obsessed with finding/making rugs lately, because I can’t stop thinking of using this idea to cover the chilly floor in my office.
  • I’m loving this series from OMHG on how to price as a creative. Here’s Part 1.
  • Yum. Nutella recipes from the talented Joanna Goddard.
  • This recap of Alt Summit 2013 reflects my recent vision board realization that the company of women is important- as friends, coworkers and inspiring creative spirits.
  • Why do I love Marquee Lights so much? I see this as a great basement project.
  • A great thing to keep in mind – Bri and Katie tell us why they love to freelance.
  • Is this pushing the line of “too girly” for curtains, or are curtains by nature a girly thing and I should just start putting pom poms on everything I own? Because you know I will.
  • I keep falling into the busyness trap- I’m too busy busy busy. Sarah gives some good pointers for keeping your sanity while busy– but I’m still aiming for that perfect middle ground- work less, work harder and ultimately get more done.
  • I can be pretty sensitive to noise levels when concentrating at work, and this little big detail blew my mind- adjust the volume in 1/4 increments on OSX!
  • Hey bloggers out there- find your niche! Breanna Rose provides keen insights, as always. (and now I’m wondering about a niche of my own…)
  • It’s so fun to see Elise in her process toward becoming a mother- I love the colors and patterns she’s chosen for this baby quilt.
  • This blog post came to me at an especially timely moment last week- and lifted my spirits! What makes an artist?
  • I’m going to make these biscuits this week, as soon as my sugar high from Valentine’s day levels out.
  • Did I already mention I’m obsessed with light up letters? This seems simple enough, right?
  • I probably spent way too long watching this and laughing. Goats. Yelling. Like humans.
  • A new favorite photo editing tool for the iphone- over it.

And lastly, this pretty much sums up my weekend.


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