Manic Monday

Today I’m feeling especially inspired by fellow bloggers/crafters/DIYers/designers/creative people. I am inspired by:
  • This beautiful quilt for a beautiful baby girl on the way by Elsie Blaha.I’m thinking I would love to make a black and white version for myself!
  • This advice to just start- the situation will never be perfect, the circumstances may always be hard. If we’re waiting for opportunity to come, we might just wait forever. Start today! From Brandi Girl Blog.
  • This inspiration to perfect your craft and expand your mind from IHOD. How do you challenge yourself to grow and be better?
  • This post about letting yourself get over the bad stuff, and getting stuck on the good stuff instead from Oh Joy.
  • This modern take on a “Downton Abbey Worthy Kitchen” from remodelista. How much do I love the sometimes bare, sometimes crazily ornate style of that show?!
  • This resolution to declutter your life from Hip Hop Side Project. I’ve been slowly winnowing away at my belongings as well, but they seem to accumulate pretty quickly.
  • This post on the one thing she wished she had known when she started blogging from the oh-so-talented Nubby Twiglet.
  • This story of one Designer’s path to freelancing from Waterfall Creative. I love a good success story!
  • This picture of hexagon-shaped pillows from How About Orange (because you can never have too many throw pillows, despite what certain roommates might say.)
  • This goofy comic featuring a manic Jon in Garfield Minus Garfield. Honestly one of my favorite comics!
  • This tutorial for turning an orange utility bucket into a gorgeous and useful ottoman from Design Sponge.
  • This collection of vintage inspired eyewear from Making Nice in the Midwest.
Thank you all for sharing your gifts and stories and words with the world! Tonight, I get to spend the evening discussing books with some good friends, and this has made my Monday pretty terrific.

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