On Photography

So one thing I’ve learned about freelancing is that you end up wearing a lot of hats- designer, print coordinator, strategist, accountant, SEO specialist, therapist. When you’re working with local companies as a one-person team, you have to be flexible and willing to share all your skills!

One such skill I’ve been working on lately is photography. I have always been interested in the field, from back when I first learned dark room etiquette in high school. In college I worked on my portfolio as a copywriter by adding in images I had personally taken- deciding early on that diverse skills will lead to better work across the board. Taking knowledge of one field and applying it to new use in another is how new and creative things are born- right?! It’s also how I end up with hobbies as diverse as sewing, running, and playing the banjo.

Now, I would by no means call myself a photographer in any sense other than as an avid hobbyist, but I have been lucky enough to do some photos for clients lately, and am happy with the results.


booths in daylight

beer with bar background

In related news, I’m happy to tell you that The Station has now opened on Alberta, and the new space is adorable, the food superb.