My (semi-embarrassing) Cardigan Collection

As part of my new series where I chronicle my collections (some might call this an excuse to be a hoarder- I say I’m just good at carefully curating themed belongings), I wanted to showcase my extensive cardigan collection.

Now, cardigans are my jam. I love me a good button up sweater in a variety of colors and lengths and weights- and some have accused me of dressing like a grandmother, but I’ll have you know that both of my grandmothers are far too fashionable to resort to the type of cardigans I typically wear.

That’s right, I embrace my librarian-granny-nerd gear, and here it is in its full glory:

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Clearly with such a versatile item, I MUST own one in every color, length, level of dressiness and if I really love it, multiples of each category. And you should know, while this is the majority of my collection, it isn’t my complete collection because you can only have 10 images in the gif creator.

What is part of your everyday uniform? Got any suggestions on where to get a polka-dot patterned cardi? Feeling like a bit of an enabler yet?