Working For the Weekend- and On the Weekend!

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Did you guys hear about Google Reader calling it quits?? I’ve been using that service for years, and frankly feel a little lost! At the suggestion of Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess, I’m trying out Bloglovin (see link above). I think I like it, so far! It’s nice to see content as it appears on people’s websites, rather than stripped down to text and images like in Reader.

Anyway, aside from my blogging-fanatic problems, I am pretty happy to see the weekend is well on its way. Not because I need a rest- oh no! Mostly because I can’t wait to dig into some work and really focus on a few projects- both for clients and for myself.

Also, the dreaded Shamrock Run. Here’s hoping I run fast and wear enough green to keep from getting pinched!

What are your weekend plans?


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