Thank you to all the rulebreakers.

Thanks to this post from The Fox is Black, I’ve suddenly found myself incredibly inspired in reading the Top 10 Things we should be informed about in life.

One of my favorite things about this was the progression from:

1. Realize that nobody cares, and if they do, you shouldn’t care that they care. 

to turning it on its head to:

2. Some rulebreakers will break rule number one. Occasionally, people in your life will defy the odds and actually care about you.

and then, as if that weren’t enough:

3. Spend your life with the rulebreakers. Marry them. Befriend them. Work with them.

I know there are a thousand reasons that I may get stressed or a little gloomy. We all do- life is hard sometimes. It’s too easy to get caught up in your own issues and lose sight of what is real.




erin and al

When I step back and am able to think about it with greater perspective, I am just so grateful. I’m lucky! Lucky for the friends who make me laugh until my ribs hurt. Lucky for the family that is quick to pull me into a big bear hug. Lucky for my coworkers and clients who support me and give me judgement-free reign to challenge myself creatively. Lucky for the guy who notices an eyelash on my nose and then grossly wipes it off after licking his thumb. And lucky for this little budding community I’ve found online- you all have added so much to my life over the years!

I guess I just feel lucky to have so many rulebreakers in my life. Thank you.


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