Manic Monday

Well, this post is a day late and a dollar short. Let’s just call in Manic Monday Tuesday.

That might be because this weekend was just too much fun. My book club went to the beach! And the stormy weather and sheets of rain was not any kind of indication of the sunny atmosphere we enjoyed inside, cozy and warm.

hedbanz is fun- especially for grown women.

ceviche, rockfish and salsa! photo by Allyn.

bundled up!

Amazing view of crashing waves.

hope we win!

See! It's a book club. We read.

Love my Grandma's house.


I want to thank my sweet grandmother for letting us stay there (hi grandma!). We had the time of our lives, and yes, we made sure to buy some rose quartz crystals that are already proving to be possibly too effective 😉

Here are the links that I enjoyed in the last week:

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