Manic Monday

Hello! Happy Monday, my friends.

This weekend passed by in a very relaxed, lazy way that weirdly felt productive. I volunteered with my work for Operation Clean Sweep to clean up my neighborhood on Saturday, and have decided that stickers are not only the lamest way to tag sign posts, but are also really hard to scrape off. On Sunday, I spent a good part of my afternoon sewing a fancy new sweater! I’m pretty happy with the results and feeling possibly too confident in my newly discovered sewing abilities.

Brunch Before Volunteer Day

Brunch Before Volunteer Day

Sewing Crafternoon Sunday!

Sewing Crafternoon Sunday!

Anyway, I’ve sensed a pattern in the links for this week. Here are some ways to waste your Monday.

Books I’ve been wanting to read:

Bites I’ve been wanting to try out in the kitchen:

Projects I’m filing away to tackle at a later date:

  • This scrap quilt. 
  • This tufted ottoman.
  • These cute headphones.


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