Manic Monday

So as you can maybe tell from my sole post last week, I’ve been busy! But I’m back and ready to share.

Here are some silly pictures from the last week:

photo (55)

the perfect setup for backyard shenanigans and playing SpaceTeam.

photo (56)

My brand new hat for gardening and general outdoor pursuits.

photo (57)

Put up a hammock, spend all day reading in it. I live the life.

And here are some silly links for your week:

  • Well, this makes me want to wallpaper my fridge.
  • These are some helpful tips on typography.
  • This philosophy on freelancing part-time has been my mantra for nearly a year.
  • Pretty, pretty type.
  • My favorite house diy-ers just bought a new place! Can’t wait to see what they do with the space.


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