How does your office contribute to collaborative atmospheres?

People with similar attitudes are more likely to get along, those with diverse backgrounds are more likely to generate novel ideas, but none of those interactions exist without the primary ingredient of casual encounters and unexpected conversations.

I love being on the Behance Team’s email list. The quote, above, is from their article, “How to Build a Collaborative Office Space like Pixar and Google,” which you may or may not know, was pretty much the topic of my thesis in school.

What I like about this article is it basically encourages people to walk around and randomly chat with their coworkers. What if we brought that idea outside of the office and into a greater circle of influence? What if, instead of walking around in our separate worlds, minding our own business, we approached our days with an openness and curiosity and willingness to contribute in any way we can?

What if indeed! Thanks for the brain food, 99u.

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