Manic Monday

Hello there and Happy Monday!

I’m following this last weekend of sun and fun with what is looking like some rain and hard work! My transitioning to a new work schedule and routine has turned out to be a bit of a challenge; as someone who lives and breathes by routines, I have a tough time finding my most productive time when everything is jumbled up by change.

But! Change is a good thing. Change is how we grow and improve. It’s how we’re exposed to new things, people and experiences. And it’s how we stay dynamic, nimble people who are open to whatever may be thrown our way.

In that vein, here are some fun new links from the past week that have brought me a new perspective, shown me something I otherwise would not know, or just tickled me in some way that I want to share.

  • This 8Tracks mix from Breanna Rose is the perfect mix of ambient rhythms, dreamy vocals and techno elements for background working music.
  • Looking at these maps showing the different areas of accented speaking makes me think maybe I need to get out a little more in this country and really expose myself to the differences between crawfish, crayfish and crawdad.
  • These Gmail hacks are very useful- to save time, communicate better and more beautifully, and convince you that you’re still being productive by spending time exploring Google Labs instead of getting your work done.
  • I love how eclectic this couple is! Eminé and Nathan share their incredibly unique home with Apartment Therapy, complete with a taxidermy menagerie.
  • Portland shop Frances May has been highlighted on quite a few of my favorite blogs lately! Here they are on Unruly Things–how wonderful are those silvery booties in the last pic?
  • This Pinterest Board (found via East Side Bride) is hilarious: My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter. These little girls can work it! Even if they look slightly over-styled by some overly enthusiastic stylists. Her imaginary name, Quinoa. So funny.
  • These tips from Naomi are wonderful, whether you’re a parent or not: Photographing my Children. She has such a great way of capturing real moments, without the pretension or excessive posing.


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