Manic Monday

Hello and a happy, hot Monday to you, my friends!

In case you’ve been living under an air-conditioned rock this last weekend (or aren’t in the Portland area), it’s hot here. Reeeaal hot. And while there are many benefits to living in an older craftsman home, the lack of air conditioning isn’t one of them! What doesn’t seem to be helping matters for me is that I’ve also been pretty sick this last weekend. The only upside of which is that you feel completely justified in dressing pretty eclectically around the house:

Hey look at her! She's so quirky and put together, I'd never guess under all that she's just a pile of boogers and whining.

Hey look at her! She’s so quirky and eclectic, I’d never guess under all that she’s just a whiney pile of boogers. Also, note the water cup and hulking fan in this shot. 

Anyway, while I recover from beneath my wide-brimmed hat, here are some links to start your week:

  • Have you seen those health data wristbands out and about? I first got hooked on learning about these guys thanks to the Nike Fuelband, and am now seriously considering buying one as a way to keep my health and fitness at the top of my mind. I liked this review comparing the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone Up.
  • I’m loving this list of 21 simple photoshop hacks everyone should know– for everything from getting Instagram effects to applying a watermark to all your photos without opening a single file. Handy!
  • Here’s an article about why Boutique Hotels rock- a pretty insightful article about the race to find the next hipster hotel!
  • How fun is this pink flamingo-themed party! I love summer party themes, they can be as random and fun as you like.
  • Zenhabits is kicking off a Year of Living Without, by cutting out one item a month that will be missed in every day life, and getting a better perspective on that item’s role in your day.
  • I have no problem getting myself to wear pink- but can appreciate when other people make a conscious effort to step outside their comfort zones! AND look cute while doing it.
  • Simple and delicious? I’m sold. This week I want to try a grilled peaches recipe.
  • An interesting argument from Seth Godin on marketing- how it manipulates, helps bad industries, and ultimately, what is or isn’t a marketer’s responsibility.

Anyway, Happy Monday! Is everyone ready for the 4th of July? I sure am.

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