Today the World is my Oyster.


Hey there and happy mid-week! Man, has this week been busy so far- and now it’s already Wednesday!

On Monday I was given the opportunity to present at an all company meeting, in front of 100+ people. It was absolutely exhilarating! I felt confident and knowledgable, and so excited to share my work with the company. And this coming from the girl who would stay home “sick” rather than give a speech in 4th grade.

It felt good.

Since then, something wonderful has happened. People are saying hi to me in the hallways. They’re striking up conversations at lunch, and inviting me to meetings. It’s like now that they know what I do, they’re ready to engage and be a part of it. So overall, this has been a pretty good week so far.

2 thoughts on “Today the World is my Oyster.

  1. Erin I can see you and your quirky self up in front of this meeting and absolutely captivating the crowd (and the world). Keep it up, girl! Confidence can take you places you’ve never dreamed of!

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