This isn’t a real post.

Well hello there!

This isn’t a real blog post. There are so many projects and links and books and thoughts I’ve been piling up for this space, and just haven’t had time to put to words. Things are busy. Crazy, can’t-have-a-moments-rest kind of busy.

So here is just a short snapshot of what I’ve been up to, at least until things settle and I can return to my old bloggy self.

My baby brother Jesse Lee is getting married this weekend! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the early days of Erin and Jesse- we were so stinking cute! And now we’re so big and grown up and I’m just so proud of him for who he has become. I’m excited to share this milestone with the guy who was my very first friend.


In preparation for the big day, I spent a good part of last weekend at the Davis Homestead, helping set up for what’s going to be a pretty great party. I forget how beautiful and quiet this home can be; it felt really good and strangely nostalgic to work with my parents on the house- reminds me of summers of the past!


My grandparent’s new dog, Ira! Named after the Ballad of Ira Hayes, of course.

Next week, Kyle and I are embarking on a camping/roadtrip. Last night we sat down to plan our first couple days, and I am so excited! Our general direction is to head toward Boulder, Colorado and visit a good friend there working to finish his PhD. Any and all suggested pit stops are welcome! So far we have the Grand Tetons on our list.

Have a wonderful week. I’ll be back soon.

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