Manic Monday

Hello! And Happy Monday!

You know how summer always seems to be jam-packed with fun? Well, this summer has had that going on, plus a whole lot more. I’m happy to report that, after an amazing weekend with friends from out of town and seeing two amazing people tie the knot, I’m seeing a lot of clear schedules in my future. Which, to me, is a good thing.

I need a lot of down time. I need hours to myself, thinking and creating and reading. I need to have peace and quiet in order to feel prepared for the times that are loud and chaotic. And I’ve been missing this crucial time lately- and really missing my blog!

So I’m back. My busy-ness* will come and go (as it always does), but I’m committing myself to this blog.


And with that, here are some fun links to make you think:


*I originally wrote “my business” and couldn’t figure out for the longest time why that looked so wrong. Busy-ness. Oh yeah, that’s not actually a real word.

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