So what’s the biggest thing I’ve learned while on a wheat-free diet?

I’m about halfway through a month of trying the wheat-free diet. I was compelled to try it out in camaraderie with the guy, and thought that summer, with its fresh veggies and outdoor grilling, would be the perfect time to give it a shot.

So what are some of the big things I’ve discovered since? Well, this isn’t going to surprise anyone, but…

I miss bread

…I really do. And cookies. And cereal. I miss all the things bread products allow you to eat- jams, honey, cheese, sandwich stuff. Although, I’m still eating plenty of those things now.

But what do I like? I like eating a whole plate of fresh fruit and vegetables. I like taking a bit more time to prepare meat for my meals rather than settling for a grilled cheese sandwich. I like that, when I eat out, I feel justified in just ordering the steak.

I have until about September 9th to go, and who knows if I’ll keep it up past that point, but for now I’m enjoying the challenge.