Happy Halloween!

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Hey there!

I’ve been learning some new effects and adding to my eerie design skillz, can you tell?

So, I like Halloween. I like dressing up and eating candy, and I like the excuse to be creative with costumes. One thing I’ve never quite gotten the hang of, is handing out candy to kids on the actual night of Halloween. I grew up in a more rural area of Happy Valley, without sidewalks or streetlights, and down a loooong driveway that would make even the bravest kid decide to forego their candy. Since then, I’ve lived in apartments or areas that didn’t get Trick or Treaters, and so I never got used to passing it out myself!

I’m excited for this year. I can’t wait to see all the kids in their costumes, and hand out candy, and say “Oooh, and what do we have here??” to their costumes. There’s something really fun about going back to those simple days, but experiencing them again from the perspective of an adult. I’m going to pop a movie in the DVD player and have a blast!

And it sure beats the more “grown up” halloween parties this year, with all their couples dressed as Robin Thicke & Miley  🙂

Happy Halloween!

Give ’em the ole twitchy eye

You know what makes you feel completely nuts? Having an eye twitch.

Last week I had five days of constant, neurotic-making eye twitching and I felt a little bit at my wit’s end. After turning to Facebook in a moment of desperation, I got some good tips from my very smart friends and also learned that a number of them suffer from this affliction as well!

So, I thought I’d share some of my research on this tricky subject! I tried a combination of these, below, to mixed results:

eye twitch-01

So a lack of magnesium could be one of the causes of the twitching. And is a quick remedy with supplements! Magnesium is supposed to work on muscle, and zinc is helpful in soothing the nervous system.

eye twitch-02

One of the biggest contributors to an eye twitch is unfortunately stress. Being less stressed is hard- and actually easy to stress out about. Especially when you have that constant tic reminding you you’re stressed and your body isn’t especially capable of dealing with it! Stressed out people also typically aren’t sleeping enough, which can add to the issue. Take naps.

eye twitch-03

Muscle spasms can come from being dehydrated. And! Splashing cold water on your face can sometimes help with more immediate relief.

eye twitch-04

Keeping your eyes well lubricated either from eye drops or more regular blinking is said to help relieve dry eye. That being said, there’s nothing that makes you more self-conscious about your eye and its twitchiness than trying to remember to blink often.

eye twitch-05

Yep, it’s sad but caffeine and alcohol both have effects on your eye, and too much of either can cause a twitchiness. Try cutting back!

So, my final remedy on this? Beats me. I have a feeling the twitch was pretty much stress related- I’ve put a lot of extra work on my shoulders lately, and I must have finally broke the camel’s (or my?) back. This weekend I found my wedding dress (Yay!) and after that? The twitch disappeared. Go figure 🙂

Manic Monday

Happy Monday!

Wheeew boy howdy, have I been busy!

This weekend saw the start of Halloween celebrations, a very energetic yet failed attempt at a footrace, and some wedding dress shopping (eeeee!)

While I want to talk about each of those things at greater length later on this week, I’ll say this: I’m feeling ready for more. More fitness, more celebrating, and yes, even more wedding planning!

Some things to ponder, projects to take on, and various pretty items to oogle that I found on the Internet:

Anyway, Happy Monday! Let’s kick off this week well, shall we?

Manic Monday

Hi there, friends!

So this weekend was nothing short of wonderful. I celebrated 15 years of friendship with my dear friend, I went to see Gravity with my guy (it was soooo amazing) and I saw Kyle compete in another cyclocross race. I’m feeling rested and ready for the week for once!

Enjoying some beers (and a pretty great coaster!)

Enjoying some beers (and a pretty great coaster!)

On that note, here are some links I’d like to share:

For the grammar nerds

Are you familiar with the “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks? Sometimes my life feels like this. As a marketing specialist in a large company, I end up copyediting a lot. And coming across a lot of grammatical errors. And really a lot of misused apostrophes and quotation marks. 

This week, I discovered one way of coping with my inner grammar nerd cringing every time I run across this. Then I made this reminder for myself, below:

apostrophes confetti-01

(image via Artistry in Motion)