Manic Monday

Hey there, my friends! Whew, did that weekend (and the week preceding it) fly by! I’ve got a lot of big things in the works- wedding stuff, work stuff, crafts and around-the-home projects.

And boy did we do a lot of stuff around the ole homestead this weekend, including winterizing the yard (read: cut it down until our yard waste bin is full four times over) and deep cleaning our house for a family gathering we put on to celebrate our engagement! We also cooked a whopping 11+ lbs of pork butt, which was tasty as pulled pork and fed a happy party of people.

Some photos of fall-type items around the house, post-deep clean:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

And here are some links I’ve enjoyed to start off your week!

  • With the weather turning and all of us heading indoors these days, I love these indoor trees from Remodelista. What a great way to have a little nature in your space!
  • I don’t need a coffee table (and arguably don’t need any more projects, haha) but I love this idea for a coffee table using found materials.
  • Taking something out-of-the-box and putting your own spin on it to make it unique is a fun hobby and a great way to have meaningful, unique belongings- this is a great idea for special occasion ballet flats (if they don’t fall apart as the day goes on!)
  • A pretty great reminder about the importance of being a multi-dimensional person. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!
  • I love this shelf Elise Blaha installed in her entry way! So versatile, and it just might be me but she makes it look pretty dern easy as a DIY.
  • I’m living in big sweaters this fall, and am pretty in love with this small collection from Oh Joy (especially #3). If loving big oversized sweaters is French, then heck yes I’m in!
  • As a lover of the GIRLS series, and even more so of the amazing female role model Tina Fey, I was pretty excited to see these two obsessions collide in the video below:

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