Manic Monday

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Blammo! Outside Christmas decorations: done.

I’m keeping today’s post brief, because I have to go to Book Clerb tonight! Here are some links for your week:

Finally, since it’s the giving season, I wanted to share an opportunity to give! Two of my dear friends traveled last year to Kenya, and while they were there they set up the St. Paul’s Academic Achievement Scholarship to benefit children seeking funding to attend high school. The World Scholarship Initiative works to help educate deserving students in Nakuru, Kenya, and by donating you will receive letters and pictures from students. This 501(c)(3) non-profit is volunteer run, and 100% of donations go to paying school fees.

Find out more about this (tax deductable) donation online here, or visit their Facebook Page to learn more.

That’s it! Happy Monday!

Sneak Peek at Engagement Pictures!

On Sunday, Kyle and I took engagement pictures with the wonderfully talented Erika and Joe Tobiason! We went to The Kennedy School for the shoot, and had so much fun exploring and getting to know our photographer. Kyle had the idea of taking pictures at this neighborhood location, and after our little challenge to visit the historical locations a few years ago, it made a lot of sense for us!



A couple “sneak peek” shots from Joe! I have to say, as people who aren’t typically photo-savvy, Joe was great about bringing out our personalities and making us feel natural in front of the lens. We had an absolute blast getting to know this awesome couple, and are so excited for the big day!

More to come in the next couple weeks 🙂

Manic Monday

Hello and happy cooooold Monday!


Can you believe we’re only 15 days until Christmas? That’s nuts! Here are some links from the past few weeks to take your mind off your freezing face!

Hope you keep warm and have a wonderful week!

Thinking about my work/creative/client process…

I wanted to find the magical “process” and contract that would make sense for every project. And maybe they do exist for other designers, developers or strategists. There are plenty of designers out there that list their process and pricing on their websites. But the reality is: There is no one-size-fits-all solution. My process, workflow, and contracts need to be a starting point, not rigid commandments.

I really enjoyed This Article regarding processes, workflows, organization—and when to let it all go. This is something I think about a lot, and am relieved to find another creative who works at it and tries to get a process down, but also recognizes that every project is unique unto itself.

And if we’re honest with ourselves, isn’t that why we’re interested in the work we do anyway?