Manic Monday

This isn’t a real Manic Monday Post. It’s a short picture story about the last few weeks. Remember my resolution to get a puppy? Well here’s what up lately:


Dog sitting Hammy dog, which lead me to…


The beginning of the savings plan…


…and the Researching phase…


…for about half a week, and then we dove in and got our sweet Osa bear!


Osa is 11 weeks old mutt, and a rescue from Mexico! She and her litter mates were found in a dumpster, then flown up to Oregon to find their homes.


Osa was the name her Mexican Veterinario gave her, and we kind of love the idea of her being our little she-bear. We have now had her about a week and a half, and she’s been great!


…And she’s already got a boyfriend. Look at that smug mug.

Happy Monday!

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