Osa Update!

…or really just an excuse to dump a bunch of pictures of her on the blog.

IMG_3107  IMG_3179 IMG_3198 IMG_3203 IMG_3205 IMG_3222 IMG_3225

She’s a sweetheart, and starting to teeth. Training her with Kyle has been an exercise in patience (towards her) and communication (between us). We’ve enrolled in puppy classes, and she’s gone through all her shots, so we’re pretty excited to get her out and about in the world–and hopefully behaving herself.

Local Color Series: 14th and Prescott

So this is a new idea I’ve been noodling on.

In an effort to create quick content that makes me feel creative and engaged with this blog, I’m starting a new color palette project I’m calling the “Local Color Series”.

When I’m out and about, I take a lot of pictures of this beautiful city I live in. Some are of store fronts, some are of neighborhoods- but I never really do anything with these pictures. Until now, when I’m going to start documenting the colors I like in the locales I visit.

14th and Prescott-01

This is from the cool drum shop near my house. Hope you enjoy this new series!

Love Bug

Love Bug

Remember how I’m probably a cat lady but with dogs?

I can’t seem to stop taking pictures of this little girl. I’m just going to embrace it and buy a bandana in every color for her to wear, since that’s the only thing Kyle will allow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Weekend Snow RECAP!

Portland finally got an appreciable amount of snow this weekend! It was really fun…for the first few days. Then freezing rain, cabin fever, and a slight puppy accident (!) put a damper on my enjoyment of it.

We made the best of the weather with lots of indoor cozy fireside chats, slow cooker recipes, and stocking up on alcohol 🙂

Snow Day 140210-01

The puppy of course loved the snow, but loved rushing into the house and planting herself next to the heater even more. You’ll notice below we sported vests, spun records, cooked, and enjoyed some of my grandma’s favorite brews, Miller 64!

Snow Day 140210-02

On Saturday afternoon, I took Osa out to the backyard to play, and she managed to find broken shards of a mirror to dig at under the snow. She  sliced up her paw pretty badly before I realized what was going on, so we made an emergency trip to the vet. Luckily, puppies heal quickly and she’s already out of the bandages and well on the mend today, but we had all of Sunday to look after this little cone head.

Snow Day 140210-03

Now that everything is thawing and my puppy is back in action, I’m looking forward to a return to my normal routine.

Snow days are the best, but sometimes what’s best is realizing how good you have it every day 🙂