Work-Appropriate Polka Dots

I’m of the mindset that you can strut your style in any setting, and in that way I’ve been a big fan of wearing polka dots to work.

erin outfit 140325

(Excuse the goofy pose! This is what happens when Kyle takes my pictures and tells me to look “jaunty”) I’m not sure when polka dots became my thing, but in this instance, black and silvery polka dots are most definitely my jam.

And hot curlers in the morning make me feel like a fancy housewife from the 50’s while I’m getting ready in the morning! And makes for curls that last all day.

feet and face outfit 130325

…and when you take a selfie and forget to flip your camera back around, then later go to take a picture of your pup from above, you end up with something terrifying like this:

photo 4 (3)

Happy Tuesday!

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