Manic Monday!

Hello and happy Monday!

Portland is having a beautiful run of weather. This weekend was spent in long walks with my puppy, and hanging out in the sunshine. Just 20 minutes outside and I’m already a little crispy–I blame my pale, translucent native Portland skin.

Osa also loved the warm weather. Can you tell?

Osa also loved the warm weather. Can you tell?

Here are some fun links for your week!

  • I love this article on how to stop apologizing all the time! It’s something I’ve noticed myself doing, and if nothing else reading this article helped me become more aware of my own habits.
  • Elsie shared some of her Hand Lettering Tips on A Beautiful Mess a while back, and it’s inspired me to start back up with my typographic drawings! Now I’m looking for different fun turns of phrases to illustrate. Open to suggestions!
  • With Spring upon us, the time for gardening and outdoor projects is also here. This DIY Chevron lattice Trellis from Remodelaholic is fun!
  • I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one in Portland who doesn’t know the joy of making my own Hummus. It’s seriously come up 2-3 times in the last month! Here’s a recipe I’m going to try out this week.
  • And if you need a laugh, I can’t help but giggle about this video. “My name is John Daker.”


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