2015 in Osa

This is probably only half the pictures I took of her last year.



10479070_10101921573513186_122197936818025071_n  11133764_10101941018784706_4013793100180139977_n 11148496_10101950103379106_775020108240030903_n 11221937_10102174092173766_8688135319304808569_n 11225436_10102099026935106_2712531511353117179_n  11407086_10102031378408296_3859553209452823344_n 11954786_10102152897947166_2518975395871795660_n

Oh wait, here’s some more….

11998979_10102172218553516_7581158578528811542_n 12006087_10102172218653316_7247364760258799589_n IMG_5473 IMG_5696 IMG_5704 IMG_5717 IMG_5909 IMG_5979 IMG_5989 IMG_6040 IMG_6080 IMG_6094 IMG_6723 IMG_6763 IMG_6833 IMG_6892 IMG_6903

…thank you for indulging me in this puppy-heavy post.


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