New Post – New (Address) Post

This weekend saw our first sunny day in a long time. I took advantage of the weather by doing something that is probably only exciting to a new homeowner- I got out my ladder, hopped on my roof, and cleaned my gutters.

With this nice weather, we’ve started pulling together ideas for outdoor projects for our home. When we were house hunting, a huge draw for this property had been the giant deck. Here’s a poorly shot example of how huge this thing is, with a not insignificantly sized 4-person table and chairs on the deck for scale:


…it’s going to be an amazing outdoor living and entertaining space when we’re through with some of our plans. In the meantime, however, with the days still short and the ground still damp, we decided to tackle another smaller outdoor project: our lack of street-facing house numbers. Because so little of our house is actually visible from the street (a very nice problem to have), we decided to put in an address sign post with a solar light post top for easier night time spotting. Here’s the end project:


As you might imagine, I’m pretty picky when it comes to typographic choices in my house numbers. These floating numbers from Home Depot matched the post topper really well, and had a typographic flair I enjoyed.

All in all, this project took Kyle a couple of hours. I was pretty much no help in this process. He cut the post, drilled in the numbers, dug the post hole and filled it in today all on his own. What a guy. 🙂