My weekend

  New custom post toppers arrived, and with that our deck is officially done!
  Someone pointed out this dinner-from-opposite-sides-of-a-long-table is pretty Wes Anderson inspired. Dinner date at home for a perfect Friday night.
  Saturday morning was spent in baking homemade bagels, inspired by a very ambitious coworker who brought these for the office a couple months ago. Very tasty, I would recommend this simple recipe.

We found a cool tree house during a trip to learn more about bamboo stores and places to buy salvaged wood.

Rainy weekend makes for a sleepy, pig-noses pup.

Stella Tacos, still one of our favorite places in NE Portland. KP is hot sauce, and yes that’s a red beer in front of me and a caronarita in front of KP.

Lastly, coming home on Sunday to a thoroughly cleaned house makes me feel like a very lucky lady.

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