A very good weekend.

I managed to fit a lot of my favorite summertime activities into the last 24 hours:

Drive-n movie theater

Food carts

Ride the OHSU tram


Milwaukie farmer’s market

Get someone a birthday present

Visit the dog park


Sleeping in

Time in the hammock

Yard work


Visit the rebuilding center

Learn to cook on a charcoal grill

Thrift shop


Buffalo wings

Dinner date

Sunset beers

I guess it’s okay with me that this is the last weekend of August. Now that the deck project is done, I’m working to get the most out of my remaining summer.

A Smith Rock Adventure

Travel Oregon is doing a state-wide bike scavenger hunt called 7 Bikes for 7 Wonders–and if you find the bike, you keep it! Aside from being a beautifully executed campaign (I mean just look at this video), these bikes are amazing, and it’s been a great excuse to get out into nature.

All that to say, Kyle and I packed up the dog and went to Smith Rock in search of a bike last week. Here’s the photo evidence:

The Crew geared up for our adventures

The Crew geared up for our adventures

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What I learned this weekend about having two dogs

Hello! Happy Monday!

So the highlight of my weekend was having a chance to dog-sit for a couple of friends for a night. Sharky is pretty much Osa’s equal in every way. Same size. About the same level of energy. Both black dogs who love to play. I was looking forward to seeing what life with two dogs might look like, having grown up with 2+ dogs at any given time (not to mention cats, chickens, fish, birds, rabbits, etc.)

So first things first, here’s the cute stuff:


Both dogs love cheese. But not as much as me, so I didn’t feel like sharing.


It was hard to get a picture of them both sitting outside, because they were generally a big blur of chasing and wrestling this weekend.


When it’s time for dinner, dogs go on one side of the gate, and humans with pizza go on the other.


…that is, until the doggies need a break from bugging each other. Then they both are in time out.


Osa wasn’t too happy when I took Sharky inside and left her. This is her way of letting me know. Subtle, right?

So here’s my insight from the weekend:

This weekend, I realized something. Two dogs don’t behave like two separate minds. They behave like one dog with a lot of momentum.

Let me explain. Let’s say I call to Osa, and she has two choices. Either she comes, or she doesn’t. Being pretty generous to my training of her, we’ll say there’s a fifty-fifty chance that she obeys. Given this, you’d think that with two dogs, you’d have two cases of this: each dog has a certain likelihood of obeying, given their disposition, right?

Nope. See, with two dogs, they enter this kind of pack mentality. If you give them both a command, they BOTH have to want to obey it to have it happen. If one or both of them doesn’t want to obey the command, neither of them will. That takes a fifty-fifty likelihood down to this:

Osa and Sharky punnet square opposite-01

…about one in four. (and yes, the middle school science nerd in me revels in using a punnet square to explain this idea.)

Now, let’s say, as a hypothetical, that my dog isn’t that well trained. Hypothetically. Let’s say that in reality, it’s more likely a one in three chance that she’ll actually do what I say. Sharky’s a much more solid guy. This would be a better illustration of my weekend:

Osa and Sharky punnet square where osa is a stinky-01

So that’s my big lesson I learned. The collective mind is more powerful than the individual will. Just like the Borg. Or wolf packs. Or hey! Middle school kids. That kind of came full circle.

And today? Osa is missing her friend, and still dead tired from her weekend of fun:


So it was sunny in Portland (for a day)

…and Osa rocked her new purple collar:

photo 3

(Purple is your color, girl!)

…and I ate sherbet from a tiny mug, with a tiny spoon:

photo 2

(Who is that giant woman!!?!)

…and Osa spent a good amount of time outside.

photo 1 (1)

(Such a majestic creature.)

Now here we are today, defrosting our cars and drying out our sneakers from yesterday’s downpour. Yep, it’s spring 🙂


Osa Update!

…or really just an excuse to dump a bunch of pictures of her on the blog.

IMG_3107  IMG_3179 IMG_3198 IMG_3203 IMG_3205 IMG_3222 IMG_3225

She’s a sweetheart, and starting to teeth. Training her with Kyle has been an exercise in patience (towards her) and communication (between us). We’ve enrolled in puppy classes, and she’s gone through all her shots, so we’re pretty excited to get her out and about in the world–and hopefully behaving herself.

Love Bug

Love Bug

Remember how I’m probably a cat lady but with dogs?

I can’t seem to stop taking pictures of this little girl. I’m just going to embrace it and buy a bandana in every color for her to wear, since that’s the only thing Kyle will allow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!