2014 Resolutions? I only got one.

Last night, I couldn’t go to sleep. Partially because I took a long, migraine-induced nap in the afternoon, and partially because I was just too darn excited.

When the clock struck midnight and suddenly it was 2014, it hit me like a ton of bricks. As silly as it sounds, I can’t stop grinning over the fact that this is the year I’m getting married.

131208 - Erin and Kyle Engagement-137

photo by Joe Tobiason

Now normally, I am pretty snarky about New Year’s Eve, with its high expectations and low returns. I tend to make fun of the resolutions people make, and laugh about how my gym will be empty again come February.

That doesn’t keep me from making a million of my own resolutions, however. To be more creative, read more, be more attuned to my fitness, go camping, spend time with loved ones—the list goes on and on.  I normally try to come up with a yearly theme or saying to help guide me. Past examples include Eat the Marshmallow, Balls to the Wall, and Reckless Abandon.

This year, at the NYE party that unexpectedly included fire dancing (!), I was encouraging friends to come up with their sayings, with the prompt “2014 is the year of the ______.” Some of my personal contenders included:

“2014 is the year of physically reaching my peak, then slowly letting myself go” (this was mostly a joke. Mostly.)

“2014 is the year of the fire dance” (Okay, so I may have gotten a little excited at the party. This was a very “of the moment” resolution.)

“2014 is the year of getting a dog” (I’m still holding out for this one.)

…but what I keep coming back to is that 2014 is the year I get to marry the best guy I know. And that’s why I’ve just been too excited to sleep.

So there it is, my one simple resolution for 2014: Get Married!

Happy 2014, everyone!

Here’s a funny article about the Olympic Torch.


So here’s a great article from the NY Times on the Olympic Torch for Russia’s upcoming Winter Olympics. There are many reasons I love this article, both as a lover of the Olympic games, as a former Journalism student, and as a snarky person in general. Here are some of my favorite gems from this article:

But perhaps the low point in what has seemed less like an Olympic torch relay than an exercise in ineptitude and misfortune came earlier this week when one of the runners carrying the torch to the Sochi Games had a fatal heart attack while attempting to walk his allotted distance, about 218 yards.

While the paragraph preceding this quote talks about the seemingly cursed nature of this Olympic torch, in not being able to remain lit, but it’s also been part of a man’s death. THEN, the quote above kind of alludes to the fact that this man couldn’t make it a measly 218 yards to celebrate the athleticism of this world-uniting event. Not especially sensitive to the fact that this 73 year old man, who was a Greco-Roman wrestling coach and athlete in his own right, has now passed away.

...the official line is that it has stopped burning only something like three times so far, Mr. Osin said. And only once, he stressed in an interview, had it been relit by someone’s lighter. “It was just a gust of wind,” he said of the incident, which took place in the Kremlin grounds, on the second leg of the 14,000-leg relay. “The torchbearer who was running was absolutely terrified and didn’t know what to do, and he asked the guard to help him, and the guard” — here he paused — “helped, with the only device he had.”

It is unclear what happened to the guard.

Well now, that’s ominous! Am I the only one who thinks this might be implying that the guard might be sleeping with the fishes now??

Although keeping a torch lit for up to several hours is an easy endeavor, torches tend to do better when they are stationary, at least in domestic situations, said Jennifer Grosshandler, the marketing director for Tiki Torches.

“I would not recommend running with it,” she said.

This is bordering on sounding like The Onion. I love that this is a pretty tongue-in-cheek interview, using the director of a company that creates Tiki Torches as a source for expert opinion.

The Olympic flame is not eternal, but is relit a few months before each Olympics, said Bill Mallon, a former president of the International Society of Olympic Historians. It originates in the temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece, where it is ceremonially lit by “supposedly Greek virgin priestesses,” Mr. Mallon said, using the sun’s rays via a parabolic mirror.

This final tidbit is perhaps my favorite. Not ignoring the judgy part about “Supposedly Greek virgin Priestesses,” I love learning something new every day, and today I learned that the Olympic Torch is lit in a manner very similar to how elementary school children fry ants with magnifying glasses.

Overall, a very funny, very illuminating article from the NY Times.

Thinking about my work/creative/client process…

I wanted to find the magical “process” and contract that would make sense for every project. And maybe they do exist for other designers, developers or strategists. There are plenty of designers out there that list their process and pricing on their websites. But the reality is: There is no one-size-fits-all solution. My process, workflow, and contracts need to be a starting point, not rigid commandments.

I really enjoyed This Article regarding processes, workflows, organization—and when to let it all go. This is something I think about a lot, and am relieved to find another creative who works at it and tries to get a process down, but also recognizes that every project is unique unto itself.

And if we’re honest with ourselves, isn’t that why we’re interested in the work we do anyway?

I think I may be a cat lady, but with dogs.

So I’ve always kind of made fun of people who are crazy for their cats. You know, the kind of people who pose them with props, or use the word “purrrrfect” to describe them. To illustrate my point, I found this gem of a definition via Urban Dictionary (note that this was the third definition given. The other two were either too specific or too mean)

cat lady

Definition: a woman that finds too much happiness in her cats. This often results in the following actions:

  • Dressing up her cats
  • Taking videos and pictures of them
  • Telling other people stuff about her cats that they do not care about
  • Thinking that her cats are really intuitive
  • Wearing clothes with cats on them
  • Owning things with cats on them
  • Not being lonely because she has her cats!

The thing is, I realized this weekend that I am probably a cat lady, but with dogs.

This weekend, we got to dog-sit for Kyle’s mom, and I had a lot of fun with little Hamilton, here:

The only thing Hammy likes more than wearing sweaters is sporting the green and yellow! Go Ducks!

The only thing Hammy likes more than wearing sweaters is sporting the green and yellow! Go Ducks!

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky–try to take over the world!"

“The same thing we do every night, Pinky–try to take over the world!”

Hamburger 1

Notice the posing and excessive picture taking? The little dog outfit? I would totally  wear/own clothes with dogs on them. And here are a few direct quotes from the weekend as well:

Me, to Kyle: “I like having a third life form in the house to talk to instead of you.”


Me, after a little sweeping: “I think Hammy is a stress-eater. He shoves his face in his food every time I sweep.”

I guess my point is, maybe everyone has a little crazy cat lady hiding inside them. You just have to find their version of “cat” to bring it out.

Give ’em the ole twitchy eye

You know what makes you feel completely nuts? Having an eye twitch.

Last week I had five days of constant, neurotic-making eye twitching and I felt a little bit at my wit’s end. After turning to Facebook in a moment of desperation, I got some good tips from my very smart friends and also learned that a number of them suffer from this affliction as well!

So, I thought I’d share some of my research on this tricky subject! I tried a combination of these, below, to mixed results:

eye twitch-01

So a lack of magnesium could be one of the causes of the twitching. And is a quick remedy with supplements! Magnesium is supposed to work on muscle, and zinc is helpful in soothing the nervous system.

eye twitch-02

One of the biggest contributors to an eye twitch is unfortunately stress. Being less stressed is hard- and actually easy to stress out about. Especially when you have that constant tic reminding you you’re stressed and your body isn’t especially capable of dealing with it! Stressed out people also typically aren’t sleeping enough, which can add to the issue. Take naps.

eye twitch-03

Muscle spasms can come from being dehydrated. And! Splashing cold water on your face can sometimes help with more immediate relief.

eye twitch-04

Keeping your eyes well lubricated either from eye drops or more regular blinking is said to help relieve dry eye. That being said, there’s nothing that makes you more self-conscious about your eye and its twitchiness than trying to remember to blink often.

eye twitch-05

Yep, it’s sad but caffeine and alcohol both have effects on your eye, and too much of either can cause a twitchiness. Try cutting back!

So, my final remedy on this? Beats me. I have a feeling the twitch was pretty much stress related- I’ve put a lot of extra work on my shoulders lately, and I must have finally broke the camel’s (or my?) back. This weekend I found my wedding dress (Yay!) and after that? The twitch disappeared. Go figure 🙂