Work-Appropriate Polka Dots

I’m of the mindset that you can strut your style in any setting, and in that way I’ve been a big fan of wearing polka dots to work.

erin outfit 140325

(Excuse the goofy pose! This is what happens when Kyle takes my pictures and tells me to look “jaunty”) I’m not sure when polka dots became my thing, but in this instance, black and silvery polka dots are most definitely my jam.

And hot curlers in the morning make me feel like a fancy housewife from the 50’s while I’m getting ready in the morning! And makes for curls that last all day.

feet and face outfit 130325

…and when you take a selfie and forget to flip your camera back around, then later go to take a picture of your pup from above, you end up with something terrifying like this:

photo 4 (3)

Happy Tuesday!


Here’s an outfit post! It’s been a while since my last one, mostly because I’ve been too busy and uninspired to make myself much more than just passably decent to look at.

Today, I looked in my closet and paired a sweater with some jeans in a way I wouldn’t have thought to before! I like the mix of textures, patterns and neutral colors. It was also dressy enough for work, but comfortable like staying in my PJ’s all day.

An oversized stripey sweater is becoming a wardrobe staple.

An oversized stripey sweater is becoming a wardrobe staple.

Loose knit sweater.

Loose knit sweater details.

A little crazy, but still subtle- patterned jeans.

A little crazy, but still subtle- patterned jeans.

Wood bead necklace with leather boots (and an inquisitive pup)

Wood bead necklace with leather boots (and an inquisitive pup)

I love finding new combinations in my own closet- it’s a little like shopping but without having to spend the money.

Engagement Pictures Part 2

Click here to see Part I

Hello there!

The second change of wardrobe Kyle and I picked for our engagement pictures was a bit more…swanky. We decided that if this isn’t a time to dress fancy and look our finest, we really don’t know when is!

couple kennedy school portland

couple holds hands at restaurant

Couple kennedy school brenizer

coffee cup kennedy school portland

131208 - Erin and Kyle Engagement-66

Photos provided by Joe Tobiason.

These pictures really showed off the beauty of the Kennedy School, and a lot of the quirkiness of their decor – although maybe it just brought out the quirkiness in us!

A very Merry Christmas Eve to you all! I’m ready to cozy up with this guy and celebrate with family.

Engagement Pictures Part 1

This week, our wedding photographer Joe Tobiason shared images from our engagement shoot, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. Read his blog post here.

Because there were so many great shots, we divided them for sharing into the three wardrobe changes we made. Here are some favorites from the first images we took, taken at our house and at the Kennedy School.

131208 - Erin and Kyle Engagement-1 131208 - Erin and Kyle Engagement-5 131208 - Erin and Kyle Engagement-13 131208 - Erin and Kyle Engagement-38 131208 - Erin and Kyle Engagement-7 Couple kissin window seattle engagement photography

Photos provided by Joe Tobiason.    

I seriously cannot recommend Joe and the work that he does enough. What I really love about his style is how candid these images are. He really has an eye for capturing the real moments that define a couple. We can’t wait to see what he does at our wedding with this photojournalistic approach.

Sneak Peek at Engagement Pictures!

On Sunday, Kyle and I took engagement pictures with the wonderfully talented Erika and Joe Tobiason! We went to The Kennedy School for the shoot, and had so much fun exploring and getting to know our photographer. Kyle had the idea of taking pictures at this neighborhood location, and after our little challenge to visit the historical locations a few years ago, it made a lot of sense for us!



A couple “sneak peek” shots from Joe! I have to say, as people who aren’t typically photo-savvy, Joe was great about bringing out our personalities and making us feel natural in front of the lens. We had an absolute blast getting to know this awesome couple, and are so excited for the big day!

More to come in the next couple weeks 🙂

To continue my obsession a bit more today…

Zooey Deschanel is the unofficial poster child for hip and quirky twenty-something white girls, who have shaggy bangs and tattoos of fruit on their ankles and a closet full of brightly colored, vintage cardigans.

As a follow up to Today’s Post, I started doing research on what glasses Zooey wears (found here!) and in the process came across the quotation above from this article, entitled “How Zooey Deschanel [almost] ruined my sex life”. Now, I’m not saying I have a tattoo of a fruit on my ankle (I really don’t, I swear grandma!) but this description is eerily spot-on.

Now if I could only decide if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing….