A very good weekend.

I managed to fit a lot of my favorite summertime activities into the last 24 hours:

Drive-n movie theater

Food carts

Ride the OHSU tram


Milwaukie farmer’s market

Get someone a birthday present

Visit the dog park


Sleeping in

Time in the hammock

Yard work


Visit the rebuilding center

Learn to cook on a charcoal grill

Thrift shop


Buffalo wings

Dinner date

Sunset beers

I guess it’s okay with me that this is the last weekend of August. Now that the deck project is done, I’m working to get the most out of my remaining summer.


Here are a couple photos from last weekend’s walk through Milwaukie – we’re really starting to feel at home in this funny little town. These were taken from the new waterfront park. We’re looking forward to nicer weather and getting a river-worthy vessel to take out!



This duck was cruising along.


Kyle and Osa like to stop and read every sign, so they can learn about nature.


…part of our walk included getting new library cards for the Milwaukie library. I’m pretty darn excited for access to the free books!

Portland Bridge Pedal

Continuing the recounting of my many adventures this summer, I thought it would be fitting to share my photos from the Portland Bridge Pedal, especially because the  Tilikum Crossing is now officially opened!
Every year, thousands of cyclists in Portland get together to disrupt all bridge traffic in the area for one epic bike ride. This year, the Davis family joined in the fun.

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A Date with the Rose Gardens

I’ve been terrible at posting lately – there is just too much fun to be had in summer! Fun that takes me away from my computer and keeps me from wanting to be inside. While I’ve been off adventuring this summer, one thing I’ve done well at was document my trips with photos – which I will now go back and post here!

Kyle and I try to go on regular “date nights” (awwwww….) and for this outing, we decided to take in the beauty that is the Portland Rose Gardens.

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A Smith Rock Adventure

Travel Oregon is doing a state-wide bike scavenger hunt called 7 Bikes for 7 Wonders–and if you find the bike, you keep it! Aside from being a beautifully executed campaign (I mean just look at this video), these bikes are amazing, and it’s been a great excuse to get out into nature.

All that to say, Kyle and I packed up the dog and went to Smith Rock in search of a bike last week. Here’s the photo evidence:

The Crew geared up for our adventures

The Crew geared up for our adventures

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